IBPS PO Prelims 2018 : Memory Based English Questions with Solution Part 2

IBPS has successfully conducted the Prelims Exam for the post of Probationary Officers across the country in the month of October 2018. Here in this article we will be sharing, some new types of IBPS PO Prelims 2018, Memory Based English Language Questions with Solutions for our readers, to give a brief idea on the types of questions that was asked as well as which can be asked in upcoming examination.

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IBPS PO Prelims 2018 : Memory Based English Questions with Solution
Direction: In
the given question, four words are printed in bold and are numbered 1, 2,
3 and 4
. Of these given parts, the positions of two of these words may be incorrect and
need to be exchanged to make the sentence correct. Find the two words which are needed to be exchanged. If the given sentence is correct, then your answer is (E) i.e. No correction required.
Q.1) Sharma has expressed promotion (1) for Modi in the past and was one of those nominated (2) by Modi for
the support (3) of the
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign (4).
(a)    2-4
(b)   2-3
(c)    1-3
(d)   1-2
(e)    No
correction required.
One should not express “promotion” towards someone
else. Hence the part (1) is incorrect and needs to be exchanged with some other word.
Since the later part of sentence says that the same person was nominated by Modi for some
program, the most appropriate word would be ‘support’. In part (3) it is describing
the task related to the program for which Sharma was nominated. Thus, the word ‘promotion’ fits here as a program can be ‘promoted’. Hence the correct answer
Q.2) Haji Ali Dargah has approached (1) the Supreme Court, internal (2) the Bombay High Court, which had allowed (3) women in the challenging (4) portion of the
(a)    1-2
(b)   2-3
(c)    1-3
(d)   2-4
(e)    No
correction required
An organisation would reach out to the Supreme Court
to challenge the decision (which would have been against it) of a lower court.
Thus, in (2) ‘challenging’ fits the best. Also in the latter part of the sentence,
a particular portion of the dargah is being talked about. So, “internal” fits
appropriately. Thus option (d) is the correct answer.
Q.3) Yoghurt on an empty (1) stomach leads to an/a content (2) in the hydrochloric acid increase (3), which kills (4)
lactic acid bacteria.
(a)    1-3
(b)   2-3
(c)    1-2
(d)   2-4
(e)    No
correction required
We can use content to refer to the
amount or proportion of something that a substance (hydrochloric
acid) contains. If we have to show the content or amount
of hydrochloric acid, we should have used ‘of hydrochloric acid’. But,
that is not the case. ‘Content’ is more suitable in position (3). The word ‘Increase’ also fits in position (2) as it describes the change in the amount of hydrochloric
acid. Hence, the
correct answer is option (b).
Q.4) Vietnam is sadly (1) notorious for its animal smuggling gangs, and actually (2) enough, the country (3) is a massive consumer
of tiger parts (4) itself.
(a)    1-2
(b)   2-3
(c)    1-3
(d)   2-4
(e)    No
correction required
‘Actually’ is used to emphasize the truth or
facts of a situation. Animal smuggling and consuming of animal parts is not
surprising at all in today’s world. It is rather a sad fact.
Animal smuggling is an ugly truth in our world. So, ‘actually’ would fit better
in position (1) so as to put emphasis on the truth that is animal smuggling.
‘Sadly’ would fit in position (2) because it would better describe the
consumption of animal parts. Hence, the correct answer is option (a).
Q.5) We’ve all come through (1) advertisements when brands take on one another (2), and openly mock the
rival brand across (3)
print, digital or broadcast media (4).
(a)    1-2
(b)   2-3
(c)    1-3
(d)   2-4
(e)    No
correction required
When we talk about movement from one side to another
but ‘in something’ we use through instead of across. When
we talk about something extending or moving from one side to another, we
use across not through. The brands mock each
other in all types of media. As far as advertisements are
concerned, we start at the beginning of the advertisement and stop at the end.
So, (1) & (3) should change positions. Hence, the correct answer is option  (c).

That’s all in this article on IBPS PO Prelims 2018 :
Memory Based English Questions of new types with Solutions (Part 2). Hopefully,
it proves to be a helpful reading for our readers. If you have any feedback or
suggestions then feel free to comment below. Keep Sharing and Happy Learning.

Thank You  !!
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