International Mother Language Day | 21st February

International Mother Language Day (IMLD) is observed annually on 21st February to spread awareness of linguistics (the scientific study of language) and cultural diversity in order to promote multilingual education. It was actually the idea of Bangladesh behind the idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day as this day is observed as the anniversary when Bangladeshis fought for recognition for the Bangla language.

International Mother Language Day 21st february

Important Points to Remeber

1.) It was first announced by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) but it was observed throughout the world on 21st February 2000.

2.) International Mother Language Day 2019 theme is “Indigenous Languages matter for development, peace-building, and reconciliation.

3.) This day was formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in a resolution marking 2008 as the International Year of Languages.

4.) As per the reports, this year will be framed by the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019.

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