A Sample Letter To Bank’s Branch Manager About Some Fraudulent Transactions

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sample letter about fraudulent transactions
A Complaint Letter to your Bank’s Branch Manager about some Fraudulent Transactions being done from your Bank Account 
R-69 Sakshi Colony,
Ranchi, Jharkhand
Zip Code – 834001
29th July 2023
The Branch Manager,
State Bank of India
N. Srinivasan Branch,
Ranchi, Jharkhand
Subject – Fraudulent Transactions Report
Dear Sir,
I am an account holder in your bank for the last five years and I am writing this letter to draw your attention to a concerning incident that occurred with my bank account last week.
On 21st July 2023, I noticed some unauthorized transactions in my bank account were not initiated by me. The transactions in question amount to Rs. 85,000. I immediately realized that these transactions were fraudulent, as I have not made any such purchases or given my consent for these transactions.
The specific details of the fraudulent transactions are as follows:
Transaction Date: 19th July 2023
Transaction Amount: Rs. 35,000
Transaction Date: 21st July 2023
Transaction Amount: Rs. 50,000
I have already taken immediate action to protect my account by contacting your bank’s customer care service and reporting unauthorized activities. The customer care service representative advised me to submit a formal complaint to the bank, and I was told to also file a police report regarding this incident.
I request your immediate assistance in investigating this matter thoroughly and taking appropriate actions to rectify the situation. I kindly ask you to,
  1. Initiate an internal investigation into these fraudulent transactions to identify the responsible parties.
  2. Freeze the affected account to prevent any further unauthorized transactions.
  3. Provide me with a detailed explanation of the investigation’s progress and outcome.
  4. I understand that this might take some time, but I trust that your bank will prioritize this matter and handle it with the utmost professionalism and urgency.
Additionally, I request that the funds involved in the fraudulent transactions will be immediately credited back into my account as soon as the investigation concludes and the fraudulent nature of these transactions is verified.
Please keep me updated throughout the investigation process, and I expect to be informed of any developments regarding this case.
I also kindly ask you to share any relevant information or documents related to this incident with me, as this will be useful for my case and during filing the police report
Lastly, I have been a loyal customer of State Bank of India for five years and have always valued the services provided by your bank. I hope we can resolve this issue cheerfully and reestablish the trust and confidence I have had in your institution.
Thank you for your cooperation in handling this serious matter. I’m looking forward to your response as early as possible.
MS Dhoni
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