A Sample Letter to block the lost ATM Card

As we all know that letter writing has always been an integral part of the descriptive section. So, taking forward this series of sample letter writing. We are posting one more article on the same to help aspirants for their upcoming bank exams.

In this article, we are writing a sample formal letter on the topic as mentioned above in the latest trending format. Meanwhile, if you want to read more such sample letters, then you can open the page by following the link :- Click Here

Letter to bank manager to block ATM Card

Letter to the bank manager informing him or her about the loss of your ATM card and requesting them to urgently block your ATM

29, Tilak Bridge
Adarsh Nagar
New Delhi

5th November, 2018

The Branch Manager
Punjab National Bank
Hari Nagar Branch
New Delhi

Subject – Requesting to block the lost ATM card

Dear Sir,

I wish to state that I am an account holder in the Hari Nagar Branch of your esteemed Punjab National Bank for the last 6 years. I am writing this letter for requesting you to block my lost ATM card

As unfortunately, I dropped my wallet from the pocket having the ATM card within it, somewhere in the midway of my journey to the other city while travelling by a train. So I want to block my lost ATM Card, inorder to secure the money in my bank account and also to prevent any further mischevious activities from it. I have spoken to customer care and also sent a complaint email to them but the authorities have not reverted back yet.

My Bank account and ATM Card details are as follows.
Account Number – 1689xxxxxx45
ATM Card No. – 5202 2657 xxxx xxxx

At last, I would be highly obliged if any early action is taken from your side since it’s an important appeal from one of your old customer which needs to be accomplished quickly.

Your Faithfully,

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