Learn The Basics Of Banking From Raghuram Rajan

Today in this article, we are interested in talking about the basics of banking, the concepts and the basic definitions of terms related to banking, which sometimes becomes difficult for us to understand. The questions related to static banking awareness are mostly asked in the general awareness section of every competitive exam or if not the static portion of banking, the exam bodies nowadays give more importance towards the current affairs related to economy or banking and to learn them or understand them, one needs to have a good insight with the terms and definitions related to the basics of banking.

Learn The Basics of Banking from Raghuram Rajan
So when it comes to understanding the basic terminologies of banking we tend to find the best and easiest way to learn these terms accompanied by the right source of information. Thus we have came with a solution to help you understand the basics of banking terms in layman language and what could be more better if the former governor of Reserve Bank of India – Dr. Raghuram Rajan is assisting you in understanding those basic of banking to make your concepts crystal clear.

Here we are sharing with our readers a short and not very old video clip of Raghuram Rajan speaking at an event of a school from the official YouTube channel of RBI. In this video Dr. Rajan, is seen interacting with the students of the school and answering to the questions asked by them. Raghuram Rajan as we all know is a prominent speaker and as well as a great teacher, so in this video while answering the queries of certain students or in between his short speech, he has also explained some basic terms of banking for the knowledge and understanding of the audience. These clarifications and explanations in a simplified language should be watched by every candidate who is preparing for their competitive exams to get a better interpretation of the complex economic literature.
The link of the video from the official youtube channel of Reserve Bank of India, which we are talking about has been attached below. You can click on the video given here to watch it on youtube.
At last, if you find this video useful and effective in understanding those difficult banking terms then don’t forget to share this with others who are in need or search of this simplified inference of basics of banking.

That’s all in this small article,if there’s any doubt, feedback or suggestions then feel free to share with us in the comment section given below.
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